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Security Valves

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Security Valves

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QTEC is accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC) in accordance with the rules of the Portuguese Quality System, and complies with the normative references EN ISO / IEC 17025 as Testing Laboratory for Valves and Safety Devices.

The efficiency and safe production of an industrial plant depends on the correct operation of the safety valves. Replacing malfunctioning valves is a time-consuming operation and you therefore need to entrust your valves to an experienced company. Our engineers and technicians have specialized training in all types of valves.

From the QTEC you can expect a safe and high quality partner available to meet all your challenges.

QualyTest – Safety Valve Service Test

This test allows monitoring and recording of the set pressure of safety and relief valves without the need of disassembly and with the installation in normal operation, as there is no need to increase the pressure in the associated line or equipment. Allowable for all types of fluids and for a wide spectrum of dimensions.

Among the main advantages are:

– Elimination of stopping times for the valve test;

– Test of welded valves that can not be dismantled;

– It allows to test the behavior of the valves in real conditions of service;

– Setting the valves for the set pressure required;

– Only valves requiring repair need to be disassembled.

We specialize in:

– Tests on Safety Valve Benches (Steam, Compressed Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.);

– QualyTest – Safety Valve Service Test;

– Certvalve Program – Monitoring and Control of Safety Valves;

– Optimization of intervention periods;

– Determination of valves to intervene;

– Analysis of the number of valves of your installation;

– Indication of components and valves to be purchased for stock.