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Qualification of Welders

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Qualification of Welders

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Quality control and qualification of welding processes at the manufacturing and maintenance level as well as welders and welding operators are of particular importance in an increasingly demanding and competitive industry.

QTEC is a company that is part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, a notified body under the PED Directive 97/23 / CE for Pressure Equipment, which allows approval of welding procedures. In addition, TÜV AUSTRIA, being a certification body for people (ISO / IEC 17024) in the area of ​​welding and brazing, enables its clients to issue certificates with international recognition.

In order to meet the needs of the companies, we have a diverse set of competences through means and collaborators specialized in Welding Engineering (IWE / EWE) and offer:

• Welded Construction Inspection

• Certification of Welders / Welding Operators;

• Qualification of Welding Procedures.