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Materials Testing

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Materials Testing

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Each industry seeks to minimize the frequency and duration of outages caused by equipment failures. When a failure occurs, the cause of this failure may not be clear or different from what appears likely. A correct diagnosis is necessary in order to evaluate the next step: method of repair, replacement or design change.

QTEC relies on experienced technicians to assist you in determining the cause of failure and provides recommendations as to the best solution to your problem.

Being familiar with equipment and processes used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries in general, paper mills and shipbuilding, among others, we help to improve the safety of your installation.

By systematizing, defining and understanding the (potential) failure of equipment, we act to prevent and guarantee the reliability of the same.

We specialize in:

– Metallographic Replicas (execution, interpretation and analysis);

– PMI (Positive Material Identification);

– Hardness tests with portable equipment;

– Evaluation and advice of welding techniques according to your needs.