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Acoustic Emissions

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Acoustic Emissions

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QTEC is a pioneer in Portugal in the technique of Acoustic Emissions. In 2009, we joined the TUV Austria International Group, which guarantees us to be at the forefront of innovation and research in the field of Acoustic Emissions, supported by level 3 specialists (EN 473 / ISO 9712) in this END technique.

Acoustic Emission (EA) is a non-destructive testing and inspection technique that allows the detection and evaluation of active defects and leakage in pressure equipment.

It also allows, in a non-intrusive way, to proceed to the condition analysis of storage tanks.

This test technique allows an assessment of the entire structure under test by analyzing acoustic emissions emitted by defects (eg propagation cracks), corrosion or leakage mechanisms.

One of the many advantages of Acoustic Emission is the possibility of analyzing pressure equipment and storage tanks in a non-intrusive way, for example by using the equipment’s own fluid to activate the defects that are then analyzed.

We specialize in:

– Under Pressure Equipment Testing – LPG tanks, storage spheres, reactors in the chemical and petrochemical industry, etc .;

– Atmospheric Tank Condition Monitoring – Leakage and Corrosion Survey;

– Detection of Corrosion Under Insulation;

– Investigation of leaks in buried pipes;

For other applications of the Acoustic Emission Technique please contact us.