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About Us

Every successful business model requires safety and security in its day-to-day operations. This is true both for industrial companies and plant operators as well as for trading and service companies, start-ups and company founders. An independent, Austrian corporate group with branches and cooperation partners in over 40 countries, TÜV AUSTRIA is always close by, all over the world.

With their comprehensive technical safety and security services, TÜV AUSTRIA experts provide critical added value for sustainable, flexible and, above all, practical solutions.

Constant technical modernization of production and work processes is making the issues of safety and security increasingly important. This is because for business, safety, security and quality always mean a competitive edge. A safe working environment is a crucial component for productivity, efficiency and thus also for attractive workplaces. And only products, services and processes that have been tested for safety, security and quality give consumers an appreciable sense of security.

TÜV AUSTRIA assesses all testing and certification requirements, carries out individually tailored package solutions for any corporate situation in, for example, the areas of quality assurance and risk management, gui- ding one through the multitudes of legal regulations and norms. It is also constantly developing new practical programmes of apprenticeship and in-service training.

Since the beginning of our activity we have bet on Acreditation as one of the ways to provide our clients with services with an excellent level of Quality. We work with national accreditations (Portuguese Accreditation Institute), but also with the accreditations of TÜV Austria, international group of which QTEC is an integral part.

Accreditation is recognized, both nationally and internationally, as a reliable indicator of the technical competence, independence and impartiality of an organization. In other words, an accredited service is, for the customer, synonymous with Quality and Trust.

We also have a large structure, in constant growth, that allows us greater efficiency and quality in the services provided. We count on experienced professionals, constantly improving and always ready to find the best solution for any problem.

In this way, Qtec assumes a unique partner in the growth and success of its clients, staying true to its policy …

Total dedication to our clients